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  • Do I need a parking reservation at Brighton Resort?
    Yes, reservations will be required for ALL vehicles on Fridays - Sundays and holiday periods prior to 1p.m. After 1p.m., reservations are NOT required and, therefore, are FREE!
  • How do I make a parking reservation?
    Reservations will be available through an online reservation system. Make sure to sign up for the Brighton Bulletin and be the first to know when reservations for 23/24 become available.
  • When are RESERVE 'N SKI parking reservations required (what hours)?
    Reservations are required for any vehicles parking at the resort (includes main lot and Brighton Store lot) on Fridays - Sundays and holiday periods prior to 1p.m. Vehicles can NOT park in the lots between the hours of 12a.m. and 7a.m. to ensure proper lot grooming. Ikon Passholders are also still required to make a reservation to ride in addition to a parking reservation.
  • How is my parking reservation held?
    Parking reservations are held through your license plate. Up to 2 plates can be stored per guest profile.
  • Can I guarantee a parking spot Monday - Thursday (non holiday) when parking reservations are not required?
    Yes. Although parking reservations are not required Monday - Thursday (non holiday), Park Brighton Resort does have limited quantity of Preferred Parking Reservations in the Explorer Lot. Preferred Parking Reservations are available Monday - Thursday (non holiday) from 7 am until 11am. Please note no passholder or carpooling discounts, arrival after 11 am does not guarantee a parking spot.
  • How are RESERVE 'N SKI parking reservations verified once I have parked?
    Reservations are verified via license plate to ensure we don’t reduce the flow of traffic – no need to stop at a kiosk!
  • How much does a parking reservation cost?
    Parking reservations are FREE for all Brighton Season Passholders. For all others, parking reservations will cost $20 per day and $25 on holidays. Holiday dates include: Dec 24 - Jan 2; Jan 13 - 15; Feb 17 – 19 Limited discounts offered for qualifying ski school programs and for guests carpooling up the canyon.
  • Are there additional fees for oversized vehicles?
    Oversized vehicles will be charged an additional fee upon arrival. Oversized vehicles include the following: Vans: Panel, Sprinter, Camper Trucks: 4-Door Standard Longbed (7'), Longbed (8') Misc: Vehicles towing a trailer, equipment, etc. *Vehicles large enough to take up more than 2 parking spots may be subject to an additional parking fee.
  • How does FREE Brighton Passholder parking work with the new reservation system?
    All Brighton Season Passholders will park FREE, but reservations are still required. Brighton Season Passholders will receive reusable parking vouchers to use throughout the season. These vouchers will take your reservation cost down to $0. A certain number of parking spaces will be prioritized for our Brighton Season Passholders ONLY. Vouchers become reusable once your current reservation day has passed. Ex: You make a reservation for Dec 14. When the day ends, the voucher code used for your Dec 14 reservation can now be made for a new date. Season Passholders will be able to hold a certain number of reservations at a time: Platinum/Unlimited: 5 reusable free parking vouchers Base: 3 reusable free parking vouchers Midweek: 2 reusable free parking vouchers Twilight: No reservations required after 1p.m. No Shows: Failure to cancel a Brighton Passholder parking reservation prior to 7am day of, may result in the pausing of free parking reservation benefits.
  • Will there be any incentives offered for carpooling?
    Carpooling discounts will be offered, but reservations are still required. 1-2/car: Full Price 3+/car: FREE
  • I booked a Ski School program; do I still need a reservation?
    All vehicles parked in the lot are required to have a parking reservation if it’s prior to 1p.m., however, certain discounts will be offered for qualifying Ski School programs. Multi-Week Camps will receive vouchers for FREE parking reservations. Daily lessons qualify for 10% off a parking reservation that will be distributed via voucher code.
  • What happens if I park without a reservation?
    Parking without a reservation between the hours of 7am and 1pm will result in a minimum of a $75 violation. Parking between the hours of 12am and 7am may also incur a citation fee. Parking without a reservation 3+ times may result in the pausing of future parking reservations.
  • Are parking reservations refundable if impacted by the weather?
    If the canyon closes due to weather, refunds can be issued and you will not be penalized for a no-show.
  • Can I cancel my reservation once made?
    Reservations are non-refundable but CAN be cancelled until 7am morning of. Failure to cancel FREE Brighton Passholder reservations may result in the pausing future reservation benefits. Parking prior to 7am may result in pausing of benefits or a minimum of a $75 violation. Exceptions can be made for illnesses or emergencies on a case-by-case basis.
  • What if I am driving a rental vehicle or don't yet have license plate information for the car I will be using?
    If you don’t know what your vehicle’s license plate information will be, enter your personal vehicles license plate number to make your reservation. Upon picking up your rental car, please log into your account to update your plate number on your reservation. If in doubt, check with one of our Parking Ambassadors. The parking system operates off of license plate numbers.
  • I accidentally parked with a different vehicle; how can I request a refund or dispute the violation?
    All refund requests, violation disputes, etc. will be handled directly through Park Brighton Resort and NOT Brighton Guest Services.
  • Am I allowed to park overnight?
    Overnight parking is NOT allowed. All cars must be moved out of the lot by 12am or your vehicle may be ticketed or even towed.
  • I already made my Ikon reservation; do I also need to make a parking reservation?
    Yes, Ikon Passholders must make a reservation to ride as well as a parking reservation. If you have yet to make your ride day reservation through Ikon, please do so HERE.
  • I'm staying at the lodge; do I still need a parking reservation?
    Yes, but your stay will come with FREE parking reservation vouchers.
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